Bitcoin mixer is a service that Essentially scrambles your bitcoin address.   How it works is: you send the desired amount to the mixers BTC address and it will then distribute the bitcoin to various different addresses that will then target the intended recipient You may be asking: Why would i need to do this?  Why cant i just send the bitcoins directly to the intended target?  Well ill explain certain wallet sites and programs such as Blockchain keep a Permanent ledger of all transactions, so if a thief or hacker of any kind manages to infiltrate or get their hands on that ledger they can find out your bitcoin wallet address and make YOU their intended target  There’s also different Levels of mixing as well depending on the service  Smart Mixer for example has Standard pool, Smart pool, and Stealth pool.  All offering different levels of anonymity of course, if you use a trusted Mixer provided by a website that you trust it should automatically delete all traces of you sendin